In Greek, Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina means Mother’s Kitchen.  Greeks love memories of their childhood and the experience of waiting for home cooked food at the kitchen table, savoring the aroma and the tastes of traditional slow-cooked, oven-baked dishes prepared with love and care by their grandmothers and mothers.  Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina is successfully bringing back these dishes called magierefta to the forefront of Greek cuisine.

We also love that there has been a growing interest in the nutritional value and quality of Greece’s products.  At Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina we are going back to our roots to celebrate the techniques, tastes and the flavors of traditional Greek cooking.  Our meals are prepared fresh each day and the menu changes every few weeks.  Each menu is a researched collection of local and even some “forgotten” recipes hailing from all over Greece.  These are the very dishes that Greek families, from the islands to the cities to the mountain villages, gathered around their mother’s kitchen table for.

We’re proud to only sell Greek wine, beer, soft drinks and liquors raki, ouzo and rakomelo. We invite you on a culinary journey which is centered around the Mediterranean flavors of the Aegean and Ionian Sea, Crete, the Peloponnese, Epirus, Central and North Greece and Asia Minor.