The restaurant “Hytra”, whose name derives from the ancient Greek terracotta vase , first opened in 2004 in “Psiri”, one of the oldest districts of Athens in the historical center of the city.
In 2010 , the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star and has retained it since.
In 2012 was awarded a second Michelin star, the first for “Blue Hytra” restaurant, hosted at Westin Resort in Athens. Alongside, Hytra receives annually enthusiastic reviews evaluations and other distinctions.
The same year, the restaurant relocated to the 6th floor of the Onassis Cultural Centre in Syngrou Avenue and was recently redesigned by award-winning architectural firm Divercity.
In warmer months of the year the restaurant moves to the 7th floor of the building, offering a unique outdoor setting with panoramic view of the Acropolis, Lycebettus hill and the city skyline.


High quality service and hospitality through a number of different services, the creation of a high aesthetic, warm and homely atmosphere, the continuous update and development without exaggeration in the approach to the concept of food and the emergence of Greek cuisine through Greek raw materials and recipes are the main components of the philosophy of the restaurant that has an intense relationship with the cultural activity of the Onassis Cultural Centre.


“Hytra” restaurant has developed its culinary identity based on the approach and the redefinition of the rich cultural heritage of Greek gastronomy by giving a contemporary expression in execution and the presentation of dishes.
As a harmonious and complementary coexistence of two different approaches around the meaning of Greek food, the two separate restaurant menus, the “Hytra” menu and the “Hytra Apla” menu that share a single space, interact in a gastronomic “choreography” in order to elevate the Greek cuisine through two constantly changing cards, having in common the domestic raw materials and recipes.