In ancient Greece the Iliad, written in the 8th century BC, one of two epic poems attributed to Homer, was more than just a story about heroes, gods and goddesses; it set the benchmark of one’s intellectual understanding and signified unity and culture. Homer painted a vivid picture of the Greek landscape, beautiful, peaceful and at times rough and frightfully fierce. Through his eyes, whether blind or not, nature was always magical, she inspired you to create and rewarded you with her blessed fruit. One of these blessings he referred to as “liquid gold”. 

As a tribute to Homer our flagship brand bears the name ILIADA embodying our heritage and the healing properties of nature passed down from generation to generation by our ancestors.

AGRO.VI.M strives to combine our forefathers understanding of the olive tree with traditional harvesting and modern production methods that respect the environment in order to provide our customers with the highest quality Greek products of uncompromised taste.