The Myrtiful range started from wanting to share with others the tasteful and juicy citrus fruits of our own groves in Myrtia, Thermo of Greece (hence the name). Citrus fruits are the basic fruit ingredient of our juices. Our juices contain 100% pure fresh fruits or vegetables, not from concentrate, no added preservatives or sugar. No thermal process is used for their preservation. Once we select the most suitable, seasonal, fruits for our juices from various groves in Greece, we squeeze them or press them, filter them if required, bottle them and then in order to preserve them we use the high pressure processing (HPP) technique through which foodborne pathogens are inactivated, while the real taste, aroma, colour and vitamins of freshly squeezed juices are gently preserved during a period of at least 30 days. Our range is determined by seasonal availability and includes orange, blood orange (sanguine), orange with mandarin, watermelon with lemon, orange with spinach and apple, orange with grapefruit and orange with peach, apple and lemon juices.