I believe that to create a desire or an unforgettable experience by using what is officially named “Food of Gods”* is a wonderful, everyday challenge.. I feel blessed..

Chocolate is connected to happy moments of our childhood memories, chocolate is pleasure and joy, always, and for everyone..

Chocolate is when the eyes shine and there is a huge smile on our face, after having devoured it ..It is when ‘the tongue smiles’, as a little girl had once said..

This is what is all about for young and for old:.pure joy, warmth in heart, and happiness..

(*)”Theobroma cacao” is the scientific name of the cocoa tree, deriving from the ancient Greek “Theon Vrosi”, the “Food of Gods”.


My Philosophy

My chocolates are crafted from the finest of chocolates and premium ingredients from the Mediterranean and The Middle East. My aim is tradition and innovation, a balanced twist, each with its own narrative of flavors.

I make many of my ingredients especially to ensure that each creation gives you a unique experience like the sour cherry liqueur. I dry sour cherries, roast or caramelize almonds and pistachios.

The rest of my palette of aromas and spices is selected from the rarest gardens of the world, cardamom from Asia, rosewater from Lebanon or Iran, tahini from Greece, pistachios from the island of Aegina, to name a few.