If advertising and research need a little bit of “cooking”, then cooking definitely needs biology and marketing.
This is how Chef stories…emerged

Eleni Koumedakibiologist, with a theoretical background and practical experience in laboratories, test tubes and microscopes, finally decides to get professionally involved with her big love, cooking.

Sylvia Koumedaki on the other hand, an advertising and media executive, decides to use her knowledge and experience, to organize and promote,  her sisters’ cooking art.

Chef stories was founded as a boutique catering company. Thanks to specific catering needs, the first two Greek chutneys emerged. Soonafter, the company concentrates in the production and development of its handmade jams and chutneys from vegetables and fruits of the greek land, which are enriched with some extra ingredients and herbs in order to gain a “special” character. 

Another Chef stories handmade product, is our fresh lemonade, produced in the traditional way. It was offered as a refreshment in events, for many years.  In 2019 we packed it and launched it as an individual brand under the brandname: heyjuice. Heyjuice is packed in glassbottles of 250ml for immediate consumption, in three flavors, traditional, with strawberry, with lime and is distributed in coffee shops, bakeries, bars etc

Chef stories has also developed the activity of Consulting in gastronomy. The knowledge and experience gained throughout the years, from the catering services on the one hand and the production process on the other, in conjunction with the scientific knowledge leads Chef stories to a new phase of services, those of  organisation of gastronomic events and excursions, gastronomic Festivals and other.

Gastronomy has always been a challenge for us, which awakens our creativity and gives us plenty of new ideas and fun for work!