Twin joy and double the expertise

Vangelis and Spiros Liakos founded the Basegrill restaurant in 2005 and soon afterwards welcomed their brother Yiannis into the fold. Today, Basegrill is synonymous with excellent cuts of meat and exceptional hospitality. There can be just one interpretation of the term “good food”: although you may not remember the name of the dish you sampled, you will forever recall the joy, surprise, balance and happiness you felt. All the dishes came about in such a way: recipes and ideas were brainstormed while sitting in front of the old wood oven (which no longer exists). The delicious tastes, delight and communication became the cornerstones of proper hospitality, which continues to be served consistently.

Hospitality, just the way you like it

Each visitor comes to Basegrill for a variety of reasons and in a different mood, and has their own unique story. The moment you step through the door, we consider it our duty to offer you the experience of your dreams, with first-rate proposals and easy-going communication to ensure you feel welcome and at home.

We are firm supporters of Greece

We scour Greece for the best meat, treating it as a precious gift bestowed by our country, which demands continuous study and instruction so as to best highlight its taste and quality. Basegrill Athens is proud to offer only pure taste and nutritional value.

Meat is the star attraction

The best meats are prepared and cut as required, and brought piping hot to the table, just as you requested and with all the fixings you could desire. Enjoy them with your friends – after all, Basegrill has been a favourite meeting point since 2005. Meat is always a cause for celebration.

The importance of the cut

With knowledge, with passion, with perseverance and curiosity, Vangelis, Spyros and Yiannis tenderly approach meat as a work of art. The type of meat, the cut, the assessment of each piece to ensure it is perfectly prepared, the Greek varieties and the flawless execution of each specific cut in the manner befitting its status, comprise the principles of the most specialised restaurant serving Greek meat in Athens.

Every cut has a value of its own

We inspect every inch of the animal and request cuts from sections ordinarily used in a particular way, such as ground meats or roasts. These cuts are not normally grilled, as they are not easy to regulate when cooking. This is how the new cuts came to be, and they soon became popular.

Evolution over time

Base grill Athens has evolved over time, sought out the right partners and established a solid infrastructure – the necessary attributes to create an environment that ensures the time and tranquillity required for cooking, as well as the ability to come into even closer contact with people. We aspire to share our culinary philosophy, to educate our customers so that they, in turn, will seek out and demand quality ingredients, and to continue to welcome new generations of guests to our restaurant.