Our Idea

Everything started when four friends and founders of “corks and forks”, wanted to create a small atmospheric oyster-tapas bar on the opposite corner of their first restaurant.

The first “hams and clams” for friends was born!

After 2,5 years, like karma the perfect place to house it was found. At Marina Zeas right in front of the boats space grew bigger and changed aesthetically but also operatively.

It can remind you of a comfort seafood restaurant in Portland or an oyster bar on Main, but also a sea restaurant in a beach resort in Spain.

The oysters in different variations remain in the foreground but also the jamon.

Its cuisine and cooking techniques are affected by the east coasts of America but also Spain and the Mediterranean in general.

Wine and cocktails add the food in different combinations.

Relaxing moments and food out of the bar, relaxing moments and food in the bar..

After office meetings, business meals in a friendly and natural atmosphere.

Experiments and research create the daily dishes which started with one idea. It makes perfect sense since the creators and the owners always wear an apron!!