Welcome to Cookoovaya Restaurant

Chefs Spyros Liakos, Vangelis Liakos, Pericles Koskinas and Manos Zournatzis welcome you to Cookoovaya Restaurant. Greek cuisine, developed though life experiences, inspiration and ingredients entrusted to their capable hands, complements your group, whether a party of two, three or many more.

What is Cookoovaya

The chefs are your hosts, and together with the Cookoovaya team they ensure that each and every visit is unforgettable. It’s not simply a meal, it’s hospitality through an incredible meal. Delicious food, prepared with expertise, passion and experience. Cookoovaya doesn’t come with instructions: indulge any way you please.

Why wise cuisine

Greek food is defined as wise cuisine: domestic economy, sagacity, expertise, seasonality, management of ingredients and the way the kitchen operates. We believe the open Cookoovaya kitchen is our duty and responsibility, and our guests are able to see everything as it happens. Food is light.

Remember how you felt, not just what you ate

Cookoovaya philosophy is based on friends sharing dishes: sampling, tasting, enjoying. The menu changes with the season, and the kitchen is continually evolving. The menu features: salads, cold dishes and raw, wooden oven, charcoal, casserole and fritters, and desserts.

Our House Wine evolved from our desire to offer Cookoovaya guests the option of a high quality bottled wine. The four varieties (Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Syrah Rosé and Red Merlot) are created exclusively for Cookoovaya in collaboration with Yiannis Girlemis vineyards.

Text by https://www.wearepress.gr/