Wisdom is the main attribute that defines a Cookoovaya dish. An attribute that lies in the way we make our choices, how we process, how we seek balance, how we implement past knowledge and when and why we innovate. It is where the very essence and taste stems from.


Every ingredient has a place and a purpose at Cookoovaya. We infuse a sense of place in our food and we push the boundaries of fine dining by giving it a playful note with shareable dishes.

Our intention is to offer you food rich in taste but also to foster an emotional connection; the connection we share through food.


Periklis Koskinas 

Apheresis and moderation define the way he cooks. Greece is an unfailing source of inspiration to him. The abundance of produce, the bright, heart-warming sunlight, the myriads of islands and the symmetry of Greek architecture.

Perfect in its simplicity, it doesn't steal the limelight from the natural beauty or contradicts it. It complements it in harmony. Free from perplexities his cooking showcases the ingredients by bringing out their flavor.

It is his ability to elevate an ordinary ingredient to extraordinary that makes him such an influential chef.


We meticulously source our ingredients in order for them to be of the highest quality possible. We apply the "buy less - buy better" rule and we do our best to fully utilize ingredients. Seasonal produce is a must.

As per ingredients, it doesn't matter if they are luxurious or humble. What we seek is flavor, quality, and potential.


This season, Pan Deï Palais is channeling the azure blues of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries to offer an unforgettable experience in Saint-Tropez. The restaurant is inspired by Greece, its stunning scenery, authentic flavours and sun-drenched cuisine.

In Cookoovaya, Pan Deï Palais is celebrating the fabulousness of Greek dishes. Since its launch in 2014, the Athenian concept has been a great success attracting travellers from all over the world, and raising the bar of high-end gastronomy with its fresh, playful, warm and refined flavours.

Iconic and original, Cookoovaya is coming to Côte d’Azur’s most famous fishing village, becoming the very first Athenian restaurant to establish itself outside Greek borders.