Yoleni’s – the largest online delicatessen of greek products – continues its growth by creating a branch network both in Greece and abroad, starting with Yoleni’s Flagship Concept Store, a multiplex of Greek gastronomy, hosted in a 7-story building (2.500 m2) in 9 Solonos St, Kolonaki, Athens. Yoleni’s next step is the creation of similar stores in other countries, while several physical stores will soon be ready to open in the U.S.A.

Yoleni’s Flagship Concept Store, a multiplex designed by “Gruppo Decorativo”, has opened its doors since November 6, 2016, providing daily delivery services in Athens. Customers are able to visit the store 7 days a week and enjoy a unique experience, tasting high quality Greek products, in a friendly environment, strongly resembling the traditional grocery stores of Athens in the 50’s and 60’s.

Always aiming to provide customers with a complete range of Greek traditional products of exceptional quality and nutritional value, Yoleni’s has accomplished strategic partnerships with renowned brands in the food industry, such as “Bralos Farm”, “DailyTaste”, “Freskoulis”, “GAEA”, “Anassa Organics”,  the online platform of prime Greek wines “Botilia.gr”, “Sary”, the dairy industry “Roumeli”, “Drakouli” coffee, “LaMiaStevia”, “Citrus Production S.A.”, “Nissos” beer, “Epsa” soft drinks, “Kalamata Papadimitriou” products, “Ionia” porcelains and last but not least the educational group “Polka – Froelen” which will support creative workshops for children held in Yoleni’s Flagship Concept Store.

More specifically, the visitor can find more than 2.500 carefully selected high quality Greek products, in the grocery store in the -1 floor, as well as various types of cold cuts and cheeses in a deli counter, bakery products and fresh fruits and vegetables in a modern fruit store by “Veggie Stories”. 

As far as the ground floor is concerned, the visitor can sit and enjoy our delicious traditional pita -a unique recipe from Thrace which is prepared in the moment of the order and can be tasted in 4 minutes- sweet bread freshly baked every 30 minutes, fresh salads, seasonal soups, authentic Greek yogurt with sweet or savory toppings, ice-cream in unique flavors, hot and cold sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks. The cellar can be found in the same floor, where the customer can choose between more than 230 selected Greek wine etiquettes, from “Botilia.gr” and 20 different beers from several Greek microbreweries. A healthy bar also offers fresh juices, smoothies and cocktails both with and without alcohol. 

Moreover, Yoleni’s teamed up with the well- known “Farma Bralou”, on the first floor, in a specially designed meat counter, where the customer has the opportunity to either taste luxury meat cuts of exceptional quality, perfectly combined with various side dishes or just buy it for home. 

On the second floor, the “Polka-Froelen” education group, having a 40 year experience in the field of education, is organizing recreational workshops for children.

Moving on to the third floor, a special space has been designed, where quality food and gastronomy enthusiasts will have the opportunity to attend cooking classes on a daily basis, in collaboration with the pronounced chef Dina Nikolaou.  Furthermore, the first “Olive Oil Bar” in Greece, in collaboration with “GAEA”, will be hosted on the 3rd floor of Yoleni’s Flagship Concept Store, offering a series of seminars and Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil tastings. 

On the fourth floor, a versatile event venue, with audiovisual equipment of the latest technology, is ready to accommodate a wide range of events, such as seminars, presentations and corporate events. 

Finally, our qualified personnel is always available to help every customer, providing information on the history of each and every product available in the store.

It must be stated that, Yoleni’s besides the unfavorable financial situation in Greece, managed to continue its growth, contributing with its own way to the Greek economy. Yoleni’s, by creating this exemplar center of Greek gastronomy, quadrupled its workforce in order to cover its needs. In addition, Yoleni’s brings together more than 200 producers from all over the country, thus supporting 2,300 families, while at the same time, aspires to attract the interest of tourists, helping people all over the world come in touch with the most exceptional Greek products but also the genuine Greek hospitality. 

Information about Yoleni’s

Yoleni’s is an innovative online delicatessen of Greek products, where more than 2.300 local products of high quality are available, produced by more than 180 local suppliers from every corner of Greece. The dedication to promote the products of the Greek land and point out the wealth of Greek gastronomy, led Yoleni’s to start its activity back in 2013. These exceptional products are already available for customers in Europe and the USA (since autumn of 2015), while every order is delivered to its destination between 16 to 36 hours from the moment of the order. Furthermore, Yoleni’s has extended its activities by providing services concerning corporate gifts, with a wide range of customers, and has, at the same time, offered its expertise and services to corporate partners all over the world. The next steps include the creation of physical retail stores, starting with a concept store of Greek gastronomy in the center of Athens, but also in new marketplaces, such as the United States of America.

The recognition and growth of Yoleni’s may not have happened without the crucial role of the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award, http://www.hellenicaward.com/en/, that the company won in July 2015, which triggered the interest of new markets for cooperation in terms of franchising. The Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award, which aims to encourage entrepreneurship and investments in Greece, supports the award-winning companies, providing consulting services and mentoring.