Ergon is the Greek word for vocation, the process of passionate work, and the sense of accomplishment that follows it.

We chose that word to reflect who we really are. We are a network of small, independent, honest, food artisans. We traveled across Greece’s mountains, valleys, lakes, and islands to find them.

Those local artisans who choose to remain true to their tradition and craft real food products following history-tested processes.

It is our responsibility to nurture them by modernizing, protecting, and promoting their honest work – their Ergon.

It is our vision to preserve the values of the past by sourcing exclusively high-quality products and by branding them to meet modern-day standards – our Ergon.

On our shelves, you will find the accomplishment of artisans who still believe that food-aking is art with high standards and its own strict moral code.

In our menu, you will find items that are crafted in a way that makes them worthy of their counterparts on our shelves – hand-cut or homemade; lovingly and carefully artisanal.

Our first step was the start of a family business in Thessaloniki (with three generations’ worth of experience in the food sector), with the goal of promoting unique Greek products.

In dealing with different farmers and producers from all over Greece, we realized there was a need to establish one unifying brand, that would guarantee the overall quality of a broad and diverse product range.

So that’s what the two brothers from Thessaloniki, Thomas and George Douzis have decided to do. To create a range of fine quality products, under a brand that could ensure that traditional Greek produce meets the 21st-century standards.

Our goal in ERGON, is to promote Greek gastronomy, both in Greece and abroad. Our vision is to become the global food brand associated with high-quality, premium, Greek food products, culinary culture, and cuisine.

Food is much more than a plate of food. Food constitutes a full experience where all your senses are ignited. But what makes this time around the table that special, are the people that you share it with. And suddenly, every bite tastes better.