Our co-Founders from Athens, share an obsession with good food. Food that is fresh, healthy, and responsibly sourced. Oh, and insanely tasty! We also think Greek ‘suvlaki’ – which means ’little skewer’ or simply ’stick’ and is synonymous with street food in Greece, is the tastiest and healthiest way to eat on the go.
Which is why we decided to come together and bring this little wonder of Athens’ past to the heart of Soho and now to Shoreditch.
Elias Mamalakis is a towering figure in the culinary scene of Athens. His name is synonymous with good, honest, traditional Greek cuisine. At Suvlaki he is marrying old and new bringing to your plate authentic suvlaki at its best!

Formerly Director Cuisine and Executive Chef of Tamarind Kitchen, Alfred Prasad embarked on a on a new journey having spent 13 years with the company. Alfred took a trip to Athens and was taken with the Greek cuisine, culture and way of life. Returning to London, Alfred joined Suvlaki as Executive Chef in 2016.