Areti K. Has clearly chosen sides and went on to create Wild Souls.

Today, Wild Souls is a small workshop in Thessaloniki, a shelter for the ultimately natural – even wild – sesame seeds, nuts, and their derivatives (butters).

In Thessaloniki, where everything started, a new Wild experience emerged, based on a new Wildlife philosophy.

Our wildness reached the capital: In the heart of Athens resides our concept store.

A gallery of Wild nature treasures that highlights both the value of nuts, as well as the incredible taste of simplicity. A gallery that underlines the importance of us choosing the Wild way with our souls.

A gallery that exhibits all the attention we always bring to the selection of our wild materials

Areti has always disliked sugar, palm oil, preservatives, and all the unnecessary ingredients that adulterate the magical flavor of the Wild simplicity but at the same time has always been obsessed with delicious flavors.


At Wild Souls we don't just create amazing seed and nut products. We are slowly creating a new mentality.

A world where food is actually good for you.

A world that fills you with laughter and positivity.

A world where food doesn’t come in plastic wrap and it’s not important how it looks, but how it is made and how it tastes.

The world is changing.

And with all our actions in Wild Souls, we try to take it a step further. Because less is more.

The simpler it is, the better for you, for me, for the world, and for everyone who lives on it – more simple, wilder.


  1. The packaging of our products is either glass or paper.
  2. Our labels are made of plain paper and are easily recycled. That is why you will often find slight imperfections and that is exactly what makes them wildly perfect.
  3. We use a special type of glue that is 100% detachable from the jar- even before it gets wet-. That makes the jars more likely to be a part of your collection, used as a cup, or easily recycled.
  4. All of our consumable take-away materials are biodegradable and compostable.
  5. All of the packaging and jars that we use in our store for our wild kitchen’s needs, are sent back to our workshop, where they are sterilized and reused.
  6. At our store, we gladly accept all your empty jars.
  7. We reward every Wild Soul that brings their own reusable bottle by offering them a discount on their drink.
  8. At the entrance of our store, you will come across the Wild Stone, which is actually a water tap. You are welcome to fill your bottle with cool filtered water, for free because no water is sold at our store.
  9. We created our first Wild reusable bottle that can keep you company for years. It is of guaranteed quality so you can keep your drink at a steady temperature for hours.
  10. The majority of our products (apart from the honey-related ones) are Vegan, thus they have a very low CO2 footprint and are extremely friendly to our Wild planet.