Rhoeco is a speciality organic herbal tea company based in Thessaloniki, Greece. In accordance with the principles of fair trade and ethical food production, rhoeco professional team collects season's harvest from small-scale, organic farms all over Greece. They carefully process and pack loose only the best whole herbal parts by hand, in small batches, in their certified facilities. All operations, from production practices to the packaging they choose to use, are in line with their aim to respect and protect the environment. Rhoeco products are committed to offer a unique brewing experience, hoping to inspire a conscious, slow living.

The ‘drink it - plant it’ herbal teas:
Five conceptual herbal tea blends inspired by the ecosystems. Exquisite, whole loose herbal leaves, flowers and fruits packed inside ecological packages. 100% natural, with zero additives & naturally caffeine-free they can be enjoyed by everyone, any time of the day! With the 'drink it - plant it' concept, the brand encourages people to reuse the containers by growing inside their own herbs. To do so, in each package, they provide a seed stick containing a mix of organic herb seeds ready to be planted inside when the content is finished. Due to its biodegradable quality, the container can be incorporated into the ground leaving zero residues.

The ‘monovarietal’ herbal teas:
Five, Greek, organic monovarietal herb species of the finest quality, are now available to perfectly complement their blends and help you create your own combinations. Collaborating with a connoisseur [dr Maroula Dimopoulou], this new product range, is an ode to speciality tea. After the professional tea tasting, the unique traits and special character of each herbal tea, are specified on the label as a guide to the consumer to choose the one that suits him best. Each label is hand stamped indicating the single origin of the harvest packed in each batch.