The history of Pyrgos Restaurant dates back to the 80’s, when Artemis Denaxas decided to open this tavern in the village of Pyrgos. The love for his island and the village of Pyrgos in particular, along with his passion for the island’s unique products and traditional recipes led him to create a restaurant that would showcase Santorini in dishes bursting with flavour. But he took it a step further and created the first fully organized event venue on the island. The years passed and Artemis’ son, Nikos took over the restaurant’s administration, adding more halls, upgrading and modernizing the facilities and services so as the Pyrgos Restaurant to be established as Santorini’s best wedding and event venue, alongside being a restaurant that offers to its visitors a great gastronomic experience.



In the cuisine of Pyrgos Restaurant something magical happens every day; as your gastronomic experience is ready to begin, discover what makes your visit to Pyrgos Restaurant so special. The unique products of Santorini’s volcanic soil, freshly caught seafood and fish from the Aegean Sea, local meat and fresh vegetables are the key ingredients that meet our chef’s talent and result in scrumptious dishes inspired by Santorini, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Enjoy the flavors of the Pyrgos Restaurant's menu as you dive from the volcanic shores of Santorini into the flavors of Greece and the seas of the Mediterranean. Enjoy crispy salads, appetizers, juicy meats and signature specialties like the famous lobster pasta. Our wine list features wines handpicked from the famous Santorini vineyards and includes selected white, red and rosé wines from Greece as well. Our menus are also available for wedding receptions and events.

Year of Gastronomy in Santorini

2013 was the year that visitors of Santorini had the chance to taste the local cuisine at its absolute best. "2013 Year of Gastronomy in Santorini" has inspired Pyrgos Restaurant that participated in the initiative, to intrigue the senses and satisfy every gastronomic desire.


Traditional recipes, special food tasting menus, innovative recipes based on local products, menus at special prices, specialized menus to pair with wine tastings, happenings with local wine and food products, producers as guests, etc.; these are just a few of the gastronomic choices that were available to the guests of Pyrgos Restaurant in Santorini Island throughout the year. The gastronomic proposals of Pyrgos restaurant inspired by the Year of Gastronomy are available at our restaurant. Read more about Year of Gastronomy 2013 in Santorini.