According to a myth, when the first Titans were born, the goddess of life, in order to restore balance to the universe and to protect her daughter Earth, bestowed upon her the tree of life. The tree gave life to Earth and to the Gods. Upon the birth of each deity the tree sprouted a new shoot, "Arodamos." This loving shoot became ambrosia for the gods, which when eaten made them immortal. 
In another myth, the god Hephaestus knowing the secret, asked the goddess Athena to create springs of water in the area that surrounded the tree of life as gift to Hercules so he could rest after each of his labours. The secret of the tree was well kept by the gods of Olympus, but in the battle with the Titans the tree was lost... so the myth says. 
Many, many years later, a family was born on the island of Crete. Called Arodama, its sole purpose is to offer the world select products from the richest and most fertile soils of the earth. Each Arodama product is inspired by family recipes based on the Cretan soil and Cretan traditions. 
Our basic ingredients: Lush olive trees, green vineyards, bright red apple trees, fragrant orchards of apricot, kiwi and orange. The warmth of this place, the smell of a homemade food, the memories and the traditional family recipes. 
Creator: The Mamidaki Family. 
Key ingredients of success: Our secret recipes and the finest raw materials of Crete. 
Inspiration: The first tender shoot of a tree in spring, Arodamos. 
Motive: To share our love for this land and what it can offer to everyone who wants to taste our products. 
Location: The island of Crete, which for thousands of years has generously offered the exceptional products that form the heart of the Mediterranean diet. 
Our creation: The Arodama family, 12 unique products, each with its own inimitable flavour, made from the finest and freshest materials following traditional recipes, and More… 
Arodama products are labeled in Braille, indulging everyone to a unique experience.