Melitheon Honey - the "Honey of Gods" with the Greek sense in its meaning - is a 100% raw supreme quality, Greek in origin product, derived from the fertile valleys and wild mountains of the wider Arcadian region.
It is mainly based on Fir Tree and Thyme. Furthermore Arbutus, Maple, Heather and Tea are some of the plenty herb and local flowers that offer different varieties of honey along with its own characteristics and therapeutic properties. 
In particular our variety of Fir Tree carries the name "Vanilla" due to its creamy thick texture and stunning color (off white with metallic highlights). It is delicately smooth flavored leaving a butterscotch taste at the end. Vanilla Fir tree honey is the only Greek Honey that has a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and is produced exclusively in limited quantities in the wild mountain of Mainalon, Arcadia - Peloponnese at an average altitude of 1500 m.
The rich flora of Arcadia has been combined with a gourmet flavor into a perfect blend satisfying the most discerning palates. The dark gold color is an indication of full body flavor. Its thick texture and exceptional aroma complete its unique taste.