The secos in Ancient Greece was the most sacred place of a temple, and at the same time it was used to refer to the wooden fence that protected the olive-tree groves. This is the most concrete proof that the cultivation of olive trees in Greece had always enjoyed respect and commitment. 
Today, we proudly offer the same respect and commitment while producing secos handpicked organic extra virgin olive oil. Respecting traditional methods of cultivation and harvesting, is the only way to ensure a product of the highest possible quality, the only product we would ever put our signature on.

Secos extra virgin is a superior category olive oil obtained directly from olive and solely by mechanical means. This ensures it is of the highest quality and its nutritional characteristics prove it. 

The low acidity value (0.3%, one of the best in it's category) and low saturated fat percentage prove the unsurpassed quality of our olive oil. 
Did we say it again? 
We are proud of it!