G.E.T. | Greek Exquisite Tastes choose for you products that are not just meant for consumption, but will challenge all your senses offering a unique gastronomical experience.

“Our family’s longstanding tradition and deeply rooted relation with olive farming started from the last century and comes until today, since we hold our own property olive groves in one of the most significant olive producing regions in central Greece. Through the years we have accumulated intimate knowledge of all the processes that ensure a natural, healthy and genuinely exquisite product.

Respecting the tradition and culture of our grandparents we decided to create our company, in 2012 and establish a brand name, under which we highlight only the best quality products that Greek nature has to offer. Our goal is to offer consumers around the world a unique, authentic and unforgettable gastronomic experience!”

Aivazoglou Vasileios & Mary Karopoulou, Founders and co-owners.