Téchnē: A term for “craftsmanship”, "skill" or “art”, etymologically derived from the Ancient Greek word τέχνη [tékʰnɛː]. Téchnē implies the combination of practical skills, systemic knowledge and inspiration in creating something or accomplishing a goal.


The idea of opening a restaurant was blossoming for many years; same as their friendship. While for the past few years they had chosen different career paths living between Athens and London, best friends Jason & Yannis decided the time was right to join their forces and make their childhood dream come true. The ideal location on their favourite Greek island of Hydra was found, a historic stone-built old boat house with direct views over the Aegean sea and towards the sunset. In April 2016, Téchnē passed from dreams into reality as an all-day restaurant, bar and café serving carefully crafted dishes of Mediterranean cuisine combining traditional recipes and modern techniques, along with signature cocktails, select wines and speciality coffee.

Executive chef and co-owner Yannis Michalopoulos made his first career steps in the kitchens of some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in Greece. Ambitious to excel his culinary skills, in 2011 he moves to London where within a very short period he manages to become the head chef in two awarded restaurants.