VERVE – [vurv] – noun

Vitality Energy Reset Vigor Enthusiasm

We are the first cold press juicery and juice cleansing company in Greece. Verve is about living well, treating your body right and getting back to your roots by consuming raw, organic, fresh, and unprocessed food.

Our mission is to bring nutritious premium juices and complete cleansing programs to anyone who wishes to live life at its best. We aim to offer convenient healthy programs that fit easily into your busy lifestyle.

We deliver premium, raw, fresh, cold-pressed juices and cleanse boxes to you.

At Verve we use only the finest and freshest ingredients and we carefully choose our local suppliers and producers.
Our bespoke detoxification programs have been carefully studied and designed by the Nutritional Therapist & Metabolic Balance coach of London Nutrition Clinic, Lisa Blair. Our programs help your body cleanse, release toxins and shape up in a healthy and natural way.

Make time to replenish, reboot, and reset your system.

An ongoing support and nutritional advice to all of our customers are offered by CHRISTINA KOSTARA, with whom VERVE has created a team to aid our customers and create nutritional programs which incorporate Verve Juices with a well-balanced diet to reach several goals, such as weight control, immunity boost, etc.

Our juice cleanses are packed full of nutrient-dense nourishment and natural superfood ingredients to help boost your energy levels, make your skin glow and leave you feeling like a superhero

Verve Juices follow the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system) and have the EN ISO 22000:2005 CERTIFICATION by TUV AUSTRIA