Least Concern are a rock band from Athens, Greece, formed in 2014. They have been composing music in a careless manner based on their no-box theory, while their style switches from tender to hard, treating each piece as an original unity. Their sound is often distorted, while new wave and blues elements can be distinguished, following lyrics that seek clarity within corruption. 

Their debut single “Watch me” was released in May 2018, and their second single “Demons” was released in September of the same year; they are both part of their debut album “Midnight Blue”, which is not yet published. It consists of 11 songs, 2 of which have the participation of Louis Mandylor, a Greek Canadian actor of Hollywood, well known for his role in the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. 

In June 2017 they won the 1st prize at the 8th GHOST HOUSE Band Competition in Athens. Since then they have been performing in live concerts and festivals. In May 2018 they have been the subject of the documentary series “Ες αύριον τα Σπουδαία”, and they appeared on the music show “Volume Sessions”, both on the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation.


Least Concern are: Nadia Pithara on vocals, Vassilis Drakopoulos on guitar, Panagiotis Zafeiriadis on bass and Dimitris Georgopoulos on drums.