All the way from the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus, TÁLTSIE is a young London-based singer/songwriter, whose songs blend pop influences and classical precision with an underlying soulfulness. 

Her musical journey began with classical violin lessons at the age of 7 and flourished into songwriting and singing. Inspired by the likes of Amy Winehouse, London Grammar, and Lana Del Rey,

TÁLTSIE created her own unique sound characterized by her distinctive vocal dynamics and powerful, yet fragile sound. Her emotive vocals and harmonies in combination with the electroacoustic instrumentation enhance and embrace the sentimental atmosphere of TÁLTSIE’s sound, creating a raw, modern, and direct musical experience for the listener. 

TÁLTSIE likened this song to an imperfect cadence. The juxtaposition between inner helplessness and invulnerability creates contrast throughout the whole song. Even though the melodies are soothing to the ear, the lyrics are filled with tension and insecurity. 

‘’ Sometimes we internalize our pain to protect our loved ones. It’s a lose-lose situation. The goal should be to prioritize ourselves first, without experiencing feelings like guilt, sadness, or shame.

Finding that balance is easier said than done. That’s why I feel like this song is similar to an imperfect cadence. There is no ‘’catharsis’’ yet.’’ TÁLTSIE says about the single.

Maybe the only safe way to be able to hold someone’s stones is to only hope and trust that they are also willing to hold yours.    


TÁLTSIE was one of the youngest acts that performed at the Fengaros Festival in 2019.  

Since then, she has released her first EP in 2020 and played at multiple local venues in Cyprus, Berlin, and London.

She was also invited and performed on the Cypriot National Television (RIK) show ‘’Roadtrip’’ in 2019. 

Her most recent performance was at the internationally renowned, Union Chapel, in London, as a ''New Voices Competition'' finalist. TÁLTSIE has also been long-listed for this year’s Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition 2022 (supported by PRS for Music).


‘‘TÁLTSIE has a voice like a magical, soothing balm. Her music should be available on prescription. It is truly immersive and her ability to express feelings as her fingers caress the keys is as impressive as her individual, nuanced vocal tone.’’ -  Tony Hardy, Glastonbury ETC 2022 Judge, Fifty3 Musing on Music 

‘‘If you do not know who she is, it will be hard for you to believe that what you are hearing comes from a songwriter who has just started her career in music.’’ - Michalis Michailides, City Free Press 


Videographer’s name: Damien Heraclides.