MIRRA KYTHNOS, Kythnos’ favorite all-day restaurant, is back.

Carefully selected, quality ingredients; simplicity; and dishes that allow the essence of the raw materials to shine. This is the core concept of Mirra, the all-day restaurant that put Merichas on the map of Kythnos visitors looking for good food.

Created by Nicolas Lambrogiorgiorgos and Constantina Roussou, Mirra serves a menu based on familiar and everyday flavors, but reworked in a fresh and creative way that aims to highlight their sincerity and authenticity.

This year, Kythnos' favorite restaurant returns to Merichas beach for its fourth year, with a stable team of collaborators and a revamped menu that centers even more the quality and locality of the ingredients.   

"We wanted Mirra to become a reference point for the island, where simple everyday cuisine, quality produce- much of which come from Kythnos - our love for this very special place, and the amazing view of the endless blue Aegean Sea come together," says Nikolas, who, drawing on his many years of experience in restaurants such as Milos and Vezene, is creating a truly innovative proposal in Kythnos.

Mirra's menu includes pinsa dough selections, many pasta options, the famous "double smash burgers," and a carefully thought-out selection of meat cuts.

Already in its 4th year of operation, it now has signature dishes, such as the beef tartare, the ravioli with porcini mushrooms, and the lobster tortelloni, as well as the tagliata and the sheep burger with feta cream.

The Cycladic pinsa, with sun-dried tomatoes, oregano, capers, and "Trima" cheese, has been a crowd pinsa favorite. The menu is completed with hand-picked breeds such as Black Angus, Wagyu, Simmental and Limousin in masterly cuts.

The dining experience is complemented by Mirra's selectively structured wine list, courtesy of Mrs. Constantina Roussou. It provides representative selections from the main regions of Greece, but also from all over the world.

In a privileged location, on a quiet stretch of Merichas beach, Mirra has an excellent view of the entire bay.

Natural materials such as wood, ropes and braided nets dominate throughout the premises, materials that bring to mind the traditional houses of Kythnos and create a beautiful atmosphere, nostalgic and modern at the same time.

Opening early in the morning for brunch, Mirra is the ideal spot in Kythnos to enjoy a quality meal at any time of the day. Always under the personal care of Nicolas and Constantina.



Opening hours: 10:00ΑΜ-12.00ΑΜ daily.

Brunch 10.00-14.00



+30 6947778768

Kythnos Merichas, 84006