Opening your arms, filling your hug with care, and serving it to beloved ones in each and every delicious bite; that’s what MELIMA is all about.

Since June 2016 the young MELIMA family overtook the workshop, the long experience and the endless recipes of “Ta Mylelia Old Water Mill” company. Every day we transform the purest Greek ingredients into excellent products, which are bringing a taste of Greece to the world.

We produce in our workshop handmade and naturally air dried pasta with semolina and whole wheat flour grinded under low temperatures of the stone mill, sauces, Greek appetizers, flavored sea salt and healthy desserts.


We select durum wheat varieties cultivated in high altitudes & grinded under low temperatures between the round stones of the stone mill. We follow an old family recipe: we open a big hug to include the finest and most pure ingredients, which offer to our pasta a unique taste and color.

Our pasta is hand shaped and produced in small quantities, without preservatives. It is dried at room temperature for 4 to 6 days, and not in a heat dryer, in order to preserve all the vitamins and flavor of the Greek countryside.


Our sauces are based on family recipes and flavors of traditional Greek cuisine. All the sauces are baked in the oven, following the traditional method in order to obtain their rich texture and special taste.

They are made from fresh Greek vegetables, herbs and spices and they have no additives or preservatives. They can be perfectly combined with our pasta, they can transform a toasted slice of bread into a tasty snack or they can be used as a different tart filling.


We created delicious and authentic recipes in order to transform fine and rare Greek products into a gastronomic experience.

We produce old-fashioned pickles, smoked vegetables, and spicy appetizers according to the traditional methods of preserving goods in extra virgin olive oil, smoke, vinegar and sea salt, without preservatives.

Sea Salt

All natural sea salt is collected from the marshes of Lesvos Island on sunny days, preferably after a strong rain, and mixed with unique Greek herbs and spices. You can use it to add flavor to marinades, soups, stews, and salads.

Fruit Snacks & Honey Desserts

We take inspiration from the Greek tradition, which is combining the simplicity of the raw materials with the richness of their flavors. We produce healthy dried fruit snacks with nuts and honey desserts according to original recipes.