From Thanasis Vassilenas’ humble taverna – born in the impoverished neighbourhoods of 1920s Piraeus  – to a modern, cosmopolitan restaurant in the heart of Athens on Vrasida Street.

A culinary story that spans one hundred years.

A journey filled with the memories and flavours of family recipes that continue to inspire our cuisine today.

Our philosophy

Ours is a truly creative Greek cuisine. We use premium fresh ingredients and modern cooking techniques, striving for perfection in every single dish.

“Vassilenas” is an urban restaurant committed to offering impeccable service. We find inspiration in tradition and aim to take Greek cuisine a step further.

We have created a cozy, luminous space where a meal is much more than dishes set on a table. 

The idea of relocating “Vassilenas” to a point closer to the centre of Athens was in the works for several years.  

But Vassilenas’ new “home” had to come with a compelling history too.

Fortunately, Vassilenas’ new home has a backstory as rich and eventful as the legendary restaurant near the port of Piraeus.

Come join us!