In Greece, the history of olives and olive oil is synonymous with the history of ancient Greece.

In an attempt to continue the tradition and culture of our people, we aim to promote our Greek olive oil worldwide.

Under the excellent climate of Laconia, where our olive groves are located, and in clode collaborations exclusive partnerships with producers of small allotments, we grow and collect our olives from the trees with immense love and care.

We set out strict specifications as to the time of collection of the olives, the means of transport to the oil mill and the required direct cold pressing of the olive fruit almost immediately after its collection, so as to ensure the premium quality of our olive oil.

The high quality of the production process (which is in its largest part, handpicked) along with the standardization and the storage of the olive oil in the stainless steel tanks (for a period of two months) guarantee that we offer you a rich, high density, full of aromas olive oil of the finest quality, characterized by an unprecedented originality.

We design and apply contemporary marketing techniques and sales methods to ensure that our exceptional Keleon products continue to reach your table in the best condition.