Botrini's Restaurant

This restaurant is the realization of one of my oldest dreams which materialized thanks to Botrini's Project, a successful television program by the same name on Alpha, and to the participation and total support of the channel. It was created for the intention of opening up a road to cooking for young people who were seeking a career opportunity in their lives. Those who believed in my project are with us today working side by side in Botrini's kitchen.My dream, however, was more complex because I always believed that one of the greatest pleasures of life is to share food at a common table with friends and loved ones. For this reason I wanted to create an affordable restaurant that would bring gastronomy closer to people with due respect to seasonality, quality and the indigenousness of my raw ingredients.I also designed a flexible menu that allows one to taste the various expressions of my cuisine, freely choosing, according to mood, between the dishes that I suggest, adhering to BOE's small menu, or the larger degustation menu.