Tied to the fertile land of Mesogaia Attica, brothers Sotiris and Pericles Papasotiriou took over the care of a small fig orchard in the seaside town of Porto Rafti in the mid 1950’s. Τwo generations later, grateful to our ancestors for imparting their experience and love for this land to us, we continue passionately our family tradition.

Our fig orchard in Porto Rafti expanded with the contribution of the younger, Christos Papasotiriou, who applied strictly mechanical methods of cultivation, improved product packaging and contributed to the elevation of royal Markopoulo figs in the Greek market.

Today, Sykeones Papasotiriou consist of 600 trees of various ages, located in 45 acres of private land that are farmed with personal care by our family members.

In order to proceed with the production of processed fig products, we have set up our facilities in Markopoulo Mesogaias, where we select and package fresh figs, and produce our fig extra jam.


(Figs produced in Sykeones Papasotiriou have been certified as a P.G.I. product by the Ministry of Rural Development & Food of the Hellenic Republic. The production and packaging of our figs is compliant in accordance with the standard GLOBALG.A.P. CPCC I.F.A. Version 5.0 2005.)