The Gogos family’s history in pomegranate production began in 2009 with the exploitation of 40 private acres in the fertile valley of Serres, where climatic conditions are appropriate to cultivate the “Wonderful” pomegranate variety. From early on, a successful collaboration with a large supermarket chain concerning the supply of high quality pomegranates was established and continues until today, maintaining the same high levels of quality.

An important factor for success in producing a first rate product is control of the production process. Every step of the way, from sorting and processing to bottling is carried out by ourselves.

Steadily gaining greater insight in the needs of the market and developing a vision for the future, in 2012 we began producing natural pomegranate juice in frozen form in a way that maintains 100% of the fruit’s flavor and beneficial characteristics.

In 2019, after many years of experience in our field, we made a significant step forward by developing a new range of pasteurized juices 100% free of impurities and preservatives. With a new, fully refreshed look, we aim to combine excellent taste and a modern image.


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