The story behind OLEOSOPHIA….

OLEOSOPHIA is the result of a love story! As a city girl myself, I didn't experience the aromas and flavours of authentic extra virgin olive oil in the city and despite travelling and studying abroad, I never really experienced local products they way I do now.

Then, I met George, who comes an agricultural family with a  long history in producing olive oil, and it was love at first sight....and sniff! 

Being a physicist, my exploring nature sparked something in me. I wanted to learn more about olive oil and share its secrets with the world, as I kept unfolding my senses and taking in all that nature so gracefully gave us.

I started to feel the need to share this passion and this lifechanging experience with people. I also recalled my mother’s stories, woven with nostalgia.

As a Greek of the Diaspora, born and raised in Rhodesia, she often spoke of the limited access to Greek products and of the great joy she had when they could obtain Greek products – it was a taste of Greece for them! It was my aha moment – I developed the idea, created OLEOSOPHIA and became a certified olive oil sommelier. 

The family-owned olive groves are located at the village of Kalentzi, right at the foot of the mythical Mt. Fokas – the mountain where the Lion of Nemea was born!

The village is known for its olive trees cultivation of the local Manaki variety – a unique olive variety that is cultivated only in our area and has a rich, fruity aroma and a well-balanced flavour.

The Manaki Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) produced by the family has been awarded with international awards, being the best Manaki monovarietal EVOO for 2021, amongst other awards at prestigious International Olive Oil Competitions!

We work with and are the trusted partners of high end, specialty and fine food shops and delicatessens in Greece, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA and Australia as well as other EU countries.


The Olive Oil Tours & Tastings

Wanting to create a well-rounded experience for people to enjoy olive oil in a holistic way, I created our workshops and olive oil tours & tastings at one of our olive groves in Kalentzi.

Just 1 hour away from Athens, visitors who book their experience attend a fun and informative session about olive oil as part of their wellness and quality of life, pass the knowledge on how to choose a high-quality olive oil, creating olive oil ambassadors!

In these workshops and tasting sessions, I guide people towards understanding how to evaluate an olive oil, assess its aromas and spot the defects, so they know what they’re buying, where to look for it, how to use it and so much more.

Once you taste authentic extra virgin olive oil, there is no going back!

For me, OLEOSOPHIA is not just a product – it is a vision of adding value to the local community, showcasing the authentic flavours and sharing the unique experience that is olive oil through collaborations and ethos above all.

Choosing to surround yourself with high-quality, artisan olive oil is a matter of wellness and lifestyle! 


"Learning how to choose high quality olive oil is a game changer for your daily life!"

Marianna Devetzoglou

Founder OLEOSOPHIA - Olive Oil Sommelier


A glance into the future…

The future of OLEOSOPHIA is multidimensional!

We expand the production of the Manaki variety, to safeguard its uniqueness and to respect our family’s roots and we continue our olive oil tastings and workshops to contribute to consumer education and to the education of gastronomy professionals.

At the same time, we are exploring some beautiful partnerships to offer gastronomic experiences as part of a modern but wellness-oriented lifestyle and to uncover hidden gems for you!

So, stay tuned!