1.First of all, its our pleasure  having this conversation with you. So, frankly we would like to know about your own music journey, when did it start? 

-I was 11 years old when I realised that music really touches me. So, I bought my first guitar and I tried to play. This first contact of mine with the guitar just confirmed what I already knew and felt. That there was a strong bond between me and the music. I decided to take lessons and never left the guitar off my hands since then. The years went by and this journey brought me to where I am standing now as a musician. 


2.Do you believe ''crisis'' is a tough motivation for someone who wants to do ''things'' , or it's just a silly  optimistic point of view?

-It's obvious for me that the economic crisis has a bad influence on musicians and artists in general. Many of them try to adjust, to fit in the situation formed by the crisis and in order to do so, they choose the easiest way possible. In my opinion such time periods can be really creative for artists, since art has an important role to play towards society. It must be radical and inspiring. An artist must choose side when it comes to social matters and he must give food for thought to his audience through his art. It's his duty. We must not forget that beautiful and important pieces of art were created under very difficult circumstances in the past. Musicians and artists in general raised their voice against poverty, social discriminations etc. Why not today?


3.A group or an artist you would like to be together on stage? 

-There are a lot of them. Some of them are no longer alive. At this moment I would like to be together on stage with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  I would really like to be close to the Seeds when they play, the way they play today, and create this awesome wall of sound that surrounds Nick Cave.


4.Where do you get your inspiration from?

-Love as well as the social problems that trouble the contemporary urban environment in which I live in and create my music were a strong inspiration for my last album. I like to create my music while observing the problems that people share. I like to create "on the road". The road mirrors our lives. That's why " Finchley Road" LP was named after a street.


5.How hard it is to work as a musician in Greece after all?

-It's not easy to make a living as a musician in Greece unless your music is mainstream, and this certainly is not the kind of music I make. What I try to do is to keep my personal vision for music alive. Not to miss the point in making music. Not to loose my motivation. I know I will never make money as a musician in Greece but I struggle to keep music alive in me.  


6.The best things in life are....?

-The most important thing is to live your life and not let it go by. You must live the journey and enjoy it no matter where it takes you. Life is full of painful moments yet you need to feel the pain. You must pay attention to every lesson life has to teach you. You must give love. You must light the candles and dine every night wearing your best clothes. You must live every moment as if it is a very precious one.


7.What is music? A therapy for our souls? Oxygen? An inner need?

-Music is my cure and the most direct way for me to communicate. What I cannot say out loud with words I say it through my music. Music can be your best friend.


8.Your opinion about ''local music scene''?

-My opinion about the local music scene is very positive. There are many young talented musicians who make good music. Yet, Greece loves mainstream and if your sound differs you' re automatically a part of the underground scene. So, in Greece there is a really good underground scene which will always remain underground because there is no support and music cannot reach bigger audiences.


9.When was the last time you listened to an album that returned to be a great influence to you ? 

-Leonard Cohen's last LP «I want it darker» really moved me. With his unique way, Leonard managed to turn his last moments in life into a monument of inspiration, a diamond for all creators. 


10.Are you the type of character who would swim against the stream or would you rather be on the safe side?

-I definitely swim against the stream. I don't want and I never wanted to be on the safe side. It is pretty exhausting sometimes but I do not intend to change my point of view.