24 years in music.

Lydia started her journey in music since she was 6 years old by attending public music schools, first in Korca (Shkolla e Muzikës "Tefta Tashko Koço") and then in Athens (Experimental Music High School of Pallini). She owns a degree with excellent unanimously in classical piano from Philippos Nakas Conservatory and a musicology degree from the department of Music Studies of the University of Athens. 

Her music artwork so far has a very wide range of genres that she put together as she felt it was fit for each project. She's fascinated by many different styles of music from folk, rock and vocal music till acid house, techno and trance electronic music. She likes to mix together unusual genres and elements, like rare personal recordings of traditional music with the voice of her grandmother or ambient sounds of the places she visits. She's a creator that breathes through music and cannot think of a life without it. 


She's an independent artist. All her music so far is released through platforms such as SoundCloud, BandCamp and YouTube and more exclusively on Patreon.