It was in 1950 when Stephanos Kalandaridis, a descendant of an Asia Minor refugee family with a deep and long tradition in the dairy industry, decided to enter the sector of cheesemaking.

Under harsh conditions and armed with an intense will to bring the family tradition to the fore, he started his business in a small factory in the village of Simantra, Chalkidiki, a region well-known for its excellent milk quality.

This allowed the faster introduction of the raw materials, their immediate processing as well as the appropriate cooperation and the creation of strong bonds with stockbreeders with which the company has been and is still cooperating.

In the beginning the company devoted its production to feta.

A few tears later, the little building where the cheese factory used to operate could no longer cover the continually growing needs of the company.

In 2007, Mr Athanasios Kalandaridis transferred the company in the new state-of-the-art facilities where it is still operating.

The new factory is equipped with the most sophisticated machines bought from other European countries and production takes place on an industrial level according to hygiene rules (ISO 22000:2005 and the Food Safety Management System HACCP) and to the same traditional methods and recipes we have brought with us from Cappadocia.

Thus, the new products acquire the same scope as the Kasseri cheese, reminding to those trying it of the traditional taste and original aroma.

Goat cheese and pepper cheese are distinguished for their distinct taste; Kefalotyri for its saganaki version, yoghurt for its slight acidity and the whey cheeses for being more fat-free still equally tasty.

It should also be mentioned that the unique taste of our products is also owed to the fact that we only use sheep and goat milk, as well as that our company has never used other preparations.