The evolution of this product followed a reverse course from the course usually followed by the products and this was essentially a result of the "special" conditions of Greece. This reverse process is due to the need to limit the risk of resource waste. So it was first designed to create a separate category of food, then the patent was written and certified, the artwork of the bottle was created (by Papapostolos Apostolos - the first public presentation was in the 3rd Gourmet Exhibition, to find out if a more specialized public has the same perception of the product with the developers  and if there is a commercial interest. We now create a company to manufacture and market the product. Members of the company are Chemical Engineers with experience in manufacturing industrial units.
HD7 (Herbal Dressing 7) is a designed product  based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 5 Mediterranean Herbs. By means of direct extraction "all" the aromas and flavors of the herbs have been transferred to Olive Oil by converting it into HD7. The product has a patent and its use is to raise all simple household "dishes amd snacks" to something more Gourmet. HD7 has an exceptional fragrance and a complex - multiplicate pleasant taste. The taste and aroma are swirled to the palate, for some time after the try out, and a different fragrance of flavors and herbs-taste appear. Uses: the same as Olive Oil. There is no use of artificial colors, neither artificial preservatives nor artificial taste enhancers. The product is 100% vegan.