Anassa Philosophy

We believe in the value of Greek nature and the uniqueness of Greek herbs because of their high essential oils content, exceptional flavors, and rich beneficial properties.

We strive to provide premium quality beverages and promote a healthy way of life. Our tisanes popped up after a competent collection of knowledge, necessary to improve and develop the experience of their consumption.

We cooperate with a scientific team from the University of Athens, thus ensuring the quality of our organic herbs at all levels, from proper farming to the final product.

We have selected small production units distinguished for their contemporary organic farming methods, areas of production, and respect for the environment, the Greek land, and its products.

We ensure the application of organic methods from beginning to end.

We cater to our aromatic herbs being hand-picked and dried properly preserving all their rich ingredients.

We choose to offer a traditional, yet modern packaged product.

We always act upon eco-consciousness and we approach wellness in the most natural way through our knowledge and passion for Greek herbs.

We create optimum conditions so that all our products will deliver special tastes, deriving from authentic recipes and traditional methods. We never use artificial additives or fragrances.

We are always passionate about how very flavorsome our own herbal nutrition may be keeping us strong and healthy.

We believe in values entirely intertwined with Greek tradition, nature, sustainability, and a life quality related to an eco-friendly mindset.

We respect the environment. We cherish the land that produces and offers unique Greek aromatic herbs.

We manufacture our products with love, passion, and morality. We give the utmost respect to the producer, the labor force, and the consumer.

We hope Anassa will become a source of inspiration for the way we treat our partners, labor force, the land, and the planet.

We intend to make Greek herbs known around the world for their flavorings, aromas, and valuable properties.

We approach the idea of sustainability with the aim to improve the quality of life for the present and the future.

We anticipate bringing your body, mind, and spirit into a state of joy and wellness whenever you enjoy our Anassa tisanes.