Anassa is the Greek Earth. An earth swarming with rare, exquisite flavours and aromas, distinctive and ethereal, fit for a queen. Anassa, ‘queen’ in ancient Greek, was also a title bestowed upon someone unique, as a title of great honour. This unique Greek earth, its weather, soil and sunlight yields pure, authentic, fine products, unrivaled in taste and fragrance.

ANASSA ORGANICS selects finest quality Greek products of organic farming and produce of farmers who use traditional farming practices with the utmost respect and commitment to the land.

Our selection of exceptional organic Greek herbs for teas, infusions, tisanes is just the beginning. Our research was time consuming; it required considerable thought and attention, so as to make use of scientific findings regarding a quality selection, the optimum one for the customer. It was driven by our belief that herbs should be defended; they are not a just fashion, but rather a passion, a way of life. Anassa Organics came out of passion. Our love and passion for herbs. We consider it an attitude to select, prepare and enjoy a beverage sourced from organic Greek herbs. Brewing and serving an ANASSA ORGANICS herbal tea becomes a ritual, one providing a buoyant enjoyment, a rare quality experience, an exultation of spirit, a joie de vivre.
Discover and share the flavours and fragrances of ANASSA ORGANICS Greek herbs (Why ANASSA ORGANICS / Greek Herbs ). When enjoying our ANASSA ORGANICS infusions, we sincerely hope that you may feel and enjoy our hearty, keen enthusiasm, the joy and pleasure we envisioned to offer in our products as much as we have.
For us, ANASSA means :
Live Organic, Pick Greek, enjoy thoroughly!