Right in the centre of Crete, on Mount Psiloritis, which is the highest and most sacred mountain of the island.
In this land where myth blends with history and nature amalgamates with the dream.
Here, where an ancient civilization has left its marks, which come alive even today in everyday life of the people.
Here, where development and progress has not yet managed to denature the environment and to designate human relations.
On this mountain, with its rich geological and biological diversity, the rare plants, animals and birds, which made it a preserve and a member of the European Geoparks. In this region, in the village of Axos that has been inhabited for over 4.000 years, in an area of 60.000 m2 we created the Enagron Ecotourism Village. Here we grow olive trees, grapevine, all kinds of fruit trees, greens, vegetables and many herbs and aromatic plants with mild, natural and organic methods, without fertilizers and chemicals. Our farm has also many animals and poultry for eggs, milk and meat. The people who work in the farm are all farmers who were born and raised in the area applying techniques, which go centuries back.
The ENAGRON offers high quality hotel services without being just a hotel. We see in our visitors not just clients, but guests, our own people, whose wellbeing is important to us. It offers exquisite traditional Cretan gastronomy without being just a restaurant. We select the ingredients carefully and everybody can participate in the preparation of the meals. Most of the time the preparation of the food is more like "cooking with friends" in front of the open fire or ends up in a traditional cooking class. For the acquaintance with nature we have some suggestions and programs for our guests, whether they are alone or in a group:

  • Hiking on marked paths
  • Exploring nature on donkey-back
  • Participation or observation of farming duties
  • Participation or observation of social, cultural or religious events that take place in the surrounding villages
  • Traditional Cretan cooking classes
  • Making cheese with our shepherd, baking bread in the wood oven
  • Grape-harvest, wine production, distillation of raki
  • Botanic walks - identification and collection of herbs, which upon return we brew into a delicious decoction
  • Observation of wild birds
  • Or simply enjoying nature with all our senses under the trees or by the pool in the summer.

These are only a few thinks offered as an experience at ENAGRON. What matters is to live naturally and to enjoy nature with all our five senses every season of the year.