The Farm, Traditional Organic Farming

Spirals and trusses are the small flourishes added over millennia by Minoan princes and Venetian nobles who sought to tame this blessed land but, instead, remained under its eternal spell as their monuments became one with the breath-taking landscape.
Shaped by hand, every stone at Agreco preserves the delicate balance between man and nature. The farm and its buildings stand in perfect harmony with the landscape. In the farm you will find an Olive Press, a Watermill, a Wood-burning Oven, a General Store, a Wine Cellar, Workshops, a Church and Guesthouses.
Crete is blessed with a climate that intensifies flavors in fruits and vegetables grown on the island. Warm winds from the Sahara and cool, Alpine conditions in the mountains nurture a dizzying variety of crops, with each season bringing something new.
Every season is a celebration of life and each activity on the farm is framed by a wonderful festival celebrating the earth’s abundance. In the estate grow: Olive Trees, Vines, Wheat Flour, Vegetables, Fruits and several Aromatic Herbs.
The farmyard is the heart of the farm. Livestock are not just kept for their products - Cheese, Milk, Eggs, Meat, Honey etc - but are an integral part of farm life, contributing their labour from turning presses to clearing the land of weeds and wild grasses.
Deer, wild goats (Kri Kri), rabbits, quail, partridges, guinea fowl, pigeons, wild boar, peacocks, ostriches, donkeys, chickens, turkey, bantam chickens, dwarf goats, sheep, cows, bees, silk worms are some of the animals at the farm zoo on the Agreco Estate.