"We are people who love the healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. We are inspired every day by the people we meet in the exotic places we visit, looking for the best quality tea to bring it to your table, combining the ancient Chinese tradition with the modern way of life.
We always buy high quality tea exclusively from producers who: • respect the environment, • are certified by organizations that protect high endangered species and forest areas, • respect the rights of local communities and indigenous people and provide decent wages .
We work with the best “Master Herbalists” and “Master blenders” for each individual tea that we add to our collection, to provide you with a quality cup of tea.
We are sincerely proud for the fresh and high quality ingredients we use, in blending our teas. Let us make your tea more enjoyable, more accessible and more experimental. All you need is to add just a little water - heat and a little time ....

Nikos Doxastakis

Founder of

www.cretea.gr - www.bachari.gr