Christina Skouloudi is obsessed with all materials, technologies and their processing techniques she is influenced by them.

She adores experimenting. She loves collaborating with small workshops and warm people. She loves to get her hands dirty.

She loves the simplicity, tangibility, and warmth of popular traditional Greek utensils and furniture. This is the reason she employs wood, metal and leather.

She wants her designs to communicate qualities and memories of authentic Greek life away from the contemporary hectic way of living.

She aims to indulge people in the power of form, beauty, and quality. She wishes she had a magnifying lens to show everybody the small striking details of all materials textures.

She would love to see people stroking the objects she produces and she would love people to feel familiar with her objects, not intimidated by them.

Christina Skouloudi believes to create objects-protagonists of our daily rituals.

Maybe always designs items wishing to create a strong bond between the user and the object;

Continuously seeking to push the aesthetic, technological, and craft boundaries trying to meet users’ needs and fulfill their expectations for high quality, durability, and casual easy beauty.