Gaea was founded in 1995 upon the finding that Greek agricultural food products, despite their inherent high quality and good taste, were absent from international markets.
The Gaea product range offers all the tasty ingredients, indispensable for the finest, traditional Greek cuisine. These ingredients are exclusively of the highest quality: naturally grown in the fertile earth of Greece, sun-ripened and harvested the traditional way. It is important for Gaea to preserve and to optimize what “Mother Earth” is offering to the people.

GAEA sells the highest quality natural and organic products available

• 100% natural, totally free from additives, preservatives.
• most award winning olive oils in the world, most awarded Greek olives and sauces in the world.
• all major international certifications and accreditations to the highest level.

Gaea’s vision and mission is to be the absolute leader in the category of Mediterranean Greek cuisine-meze in the international fine foods arena, synonymous for quality, tradition, authenticity and innovative Greek specialty foods.

From its very first day in existence, Gaea follows one unique path. A path that combines the values of olive oil with tradition and innovation. 
That gets inspired from only pure, high quality products and combines them in amazing recipes. That loves Greece with passion, but never ceases travelling around the world. That enjoys life. That has vision and appetite. All these are essential elements of Gaea’s philosophy.