Niki Kamtsios and Living Postcards were found in Rebecca’s Camhi gallery in Athens to admire the second solo show of Morris Ganis and have a photo shoot of Waikiki ''Pop Up Shop'' new summer collection. How simple can that be?  Well, it may sound simple but once you enter the Waikiki world, you never want out. Once “entering” the Waikiki clothes daydreaming and flights of fancy begin…you dream of long boardwalk strolls in the sunset, you dream of pristine waters and sandy beaches and you definitely find yourself in another time and another place. The clothes as you will find out in the photos gave me a preppy feeling with a twist…the twist of the thrill of doing something naughty like jumping sky high when no one is looking in the middle of the gallery…There have been long debates even by scientists whether daydreaming is a powerful force or a waste of time. Take it from me, it was Saturday afternoon in the city with the sun burning and me working all day long but when we left Waikiki pop up shop I felt a positive force resulting in creativity and winning ideas. So dream on! Or should I say Waikiki on!