What is your own story, tell us more about you.

Hi, we’re Valeria and Lukas, a couple from South Tyrol (northern Italy).

We always loved to travel and to explore new places and cultures. In 2017 we decided to quit our jobs, to leave our appartment, to sell the most of our stuff and to leave for a worldtrip.

We spent 10 months road tripping around the world, slept in tiny rusty vans and visited some of the most amazing countries. It was the trip of our life!

Back from our world trip we bought our own off road camper (a Toyota Hilux from 1990 with a small living cabin).

Over the last few years we travelled for about 6 months every year (mostly around Europe and northern Africa) and worked the other 6 months at a traditional mountain restaurant.

We spent the last 6 months in Greece and totally fell in love with the country, its beaches and its people.

What is the first trip you remember taking and how old were you?

As kids we always went to the italian coast for our summer vacation (with our families).

My (Valeria) first big trip took me to California and Hawaii with my parents. I think I was about 5 years old.

Our first big trip together as a couple took us to Thailand. We were about 21 years old.  


Can you imagine life without travel?

Definitely not!


What is your favorite place? Where does your soul rest?

Oh that’s a tough question! There are so many amazing places!

We really, really loved the deserts and canyon landscapes in the USA. We love Morocco. And we love Greece. Greece really stole our hearts and became one of our favorite countries in Europe.


What has travel taught you?

That we are all the same. No matter the color of our skin or religion or the style of our house or if one is poor or rich. At heart we are all the same.

We all love our families. We all care about our loved ones. We are all searching for freedom.


Are you both the type of character who would swim against the stream or would you rather be on the safe side?

We try to live life by our own terms. We try to spend the precious time we have on earth doing things WE love – no matter what other people may think or say.

So yes, sometimes this means swimming against the stream and doing things other people can not understand.

Do you believe that social media brings us together, or it's just an addiction we can not resist?

Personally we think that social media brings us together and is a powerful tool to “think outside the box” - especially in the travel sector.

Thanks to social media we met so many amazing, like minded people all over the world (not only online but also in real life).

Thanks to social media we got inspired by so many wonderful countries and places.


What is Greece after all? Is it the sun, the islands, or something more than this ''cliche'' kind of thing?

We really, really loved the beaches, the sun and the water! But the locals really touched our hearts. The always friendly, welcoming, relaxed Greek people.

Even in such difficult times (covid) they welcomed us and let us feel at home.

Future plans or dreams waiting to come true?

 Our dream is to do another worldtrip – this time with our own offroad camper. The first lap of the trip would lead us to Iran, Saudi Arabia and after to Mongolia.

We hope that we can start this fall/winter season (2021).


How is your everyday agenda? What gives you inspiration?

During summer we work at our mountain Restaurant (both as waiter/waitress).

In our free time Lukas works on our Offroad camper (there’s Always something to improve or repair) and I (Valeria) work on our travel blog and our social media and plan future trips.

We read travel magazines, books and blogs. We watch Youtube videos about travel and follow travel accounts on social media.

We’re always inspired by like minded people, by people travelling the world, by people travelling outside their comfort zone.