Tourism is changing and requires Adaptability.
AQ Strategy, a strategic marketing company, is entering the tourism and hospitality market with the aim of helping businesses and destinations grow dynamically.
At a time when global tourism is experiencing the greatest crisis of all time (due to Covid 19), strategic marketing planning is more important than ever.
The changes expected in the coming years (due to artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data) in the whole range of tourism and hospitality, will be deeper than those that the area has experienced in the last fifty years. The traveler changes and the reasons that will influence him to choose a destination, accommodation, experience, will be different.
Sustainable development, digital reform and the ability to adapt to new data are the only options.
AQ Strategy with a view to the future, is active in the wider field of hospitality and tourism, as well as the economy of Experiences.
Its main pillars are business development, strategic advisory and project management. Its services concern investment schemes, hotels, hotel groups, companies in the wider tourism and travel sector, start ups and destinations.
The name AQ (Adaptability Quotient) represents the index of adaptability, which is extremely important in our time.
The founder of the company, Yiannis Tsakalos, with thirty years of experience in tourism, believes that this is the right time to strategically plan the next steps.
"The next day will come and it will be very different. Adapting to new data will be crucial, even for the survival of businesses and organizations. 
"Those who realize this will climb the wave that will lead them to excellent results in the coming years," he notes.