The Andros Yacht Race is an international sailing event co-organized by the Yacht Club of Andros (ΝΟΑ) and the Yacht Club of Greece (ΝΟΕ).

The actual racecourse, which usually extends from Vouliagmeni to the island of Andros and back, including a local regatta which is held outside the port of Chora, is the second longest amongst other
sailing events held in Greece on a regular basis.

The first race took place just off the shores of Andros back in 1965. This was essentially an informal competition arranged by a small group of yachtsmen by invitation of a common friend, the late John B. Goulandris who was a seasoned yachtsman himself already at the time.

The idea caught on and the race was established as a regular sailing event two years later.

Numerous renowned yachtsmen and their sailing teams, not only from Andros, but all over Greece and worldwide, have participated ever since, including the late King Constantine of Greece, winner of the first official race in 1967, Stavros Niarchos and many others.

Over the years, the Andros Yacht Race has evolved in its present form and has earned a well-deserved reputation as the toughest and most competitive race in Greece.

It surely ranks very high as a favorite event amongst participants, both for the challenges encountered along its course, as well as for the warm hospitality afforded on arrival and throughout the stay on the island.

Various cultural events are als organized in conjunction with the race, promoting Andros as a destination of choice for its beauty and rich cultural heritage.