It's been 7 years since that summer of 2012 that we started researching to collect in a database those who were ''The New Face of Greece''.

Living Postcards Project  went on air at the end of November 2012. In these years of day-to-day entrepreneurship support with rich articles, interviews, tributes, we have had the opportunity to give over 100 speakers a chance to share their story with an inspiring audience and business tips to showcase their products in the world, and establish effective business relationships.

After 19 events in Greece and abroad we are particularly happy about our 20th event that gave us the opportunity to welcome 7 great people.

A big thank you to all those who supported us from the first moment, to those who continue to give 'flesh and bone' to their business vision and to our fine speakers over those years.

A big 'Thank you' for the honor:
Elsa Exarhou
Manos Gerakinis
Dimitris Zelios
Michail-Alexander Passos
Anastasia Astypaliotou
Margo Nancyfor
Mariam Polygeni

Hosted by Metropolitan College
Artwork by / Idiotech

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Ms Hadjinassiou's photo is by Melanja Palitta.
Ms Elsa Exarhou by Giannis Daras.
By Mr. Gerakini by George Kottarakos.
By Mr Michail-Alexander from Gkikas Melachrinos