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Creators note.

The table is not just a piece of furniture, it is much more. It is a place, a point of reference, a refuge, a gathering place. There we communicate, satisfy our senses, connect, express positive and negative emotions, feel happiness and fulfillment but sometimes bewilderment and confinement. It is the place where we recall the past, understand the present and plan the future. It is a necessary and pivotal place.

Three creators with a common background in architecture and the internal need for free expression through 3 different mediums of experimentation: cyanotype, jewelry, and ceramics, gather around this table and try to converse, connect, or consciously distance themselves.

- On the base of the installation lies the imprinting of life through cyanotype, where the traces of use declare a presence and seal an experience in time. The "freezing" of successive actions on the table invites us to observe and recognize the elements that make up our daily life.

- The raw material of the clay comes to create the literal and metaphorical containers that either hold or highlight miniatures of the various experiences at a table. Through the sculptural shapes and glazing techniques there is a continuous morphological and sensorial play as an interpretation of the fluctuations of life.

- The architectural jewelry on the table functions as a connector on a scale level while symbolizing the existence of the human presence. Each object originates from a labyrinthine and chaotic inner path highlighting the complexity of human existence.

Our intention is to capture memory in the eternal cycle of time and decay and translate it into a visual stimulus or a tangible element within a tablescape setting, thus activating the visitor's emotions.


The artists :

Maria Selkou - "art of the blue"

Maria Melissianou - "studio marmel"

Ioulia Lazou -  "mikrotexnima"