In ancient Athens PRYTANEION was the site where the citizens, whose actions were really significant for the city, were eating for all upon decision of the Ecclesia. For instance, in honor of the Olympic champions, apart from breaking down the walls of the walls of the city, a special place in the PRYTANEION was also provided to them. 
This site was also sacred because was kept the "Sacral Fire" (Ιερόν Πύρ) and the "Solon's Laws"
It is said that arts along with cuisine flourish where advancernent and civilization exist.

This alive and bidirectional relation between art and everyday life served to establish, in the best possible way, PRYTANEION which offers a new and totally different aspect of quality delight from that we were used so far. An aspect where art and gastronomy coexist and complement one another in the same site, in an ambience of strong visual character. 

The total aesthetical aspect, the artistic choises, the composite and varied functionality of a place that can cover every small enjoyment of everyday life: a coffee or a light meal, or the more requiring recipes of a plentiful and imaginative Mediterranean cuisine, in endless savoury variations. It is a fact that civilization and taste usually go hand in hand and that they consist the two sides of the same coin.