Rafael Kasteroudis is only 9,5 year old but he draws with adult's maturity. He lives in Greece, in a small town called Karditsa, in Thessaly Region.

Having an educational, school routine rather unmotivating and too conventional, Raphael is constantly trying to find the space and the opportunities to fulfil his dreams and his expectations through drawing.

He is growing by and through “Lines”. They are evolving with him forming his world, which consists of hi-tech creatures, buildings, spaceships and robots. His maturity is conquered through a constant conflict, which takes place in new spatial dimensions, in a future that is happening in the present, between new mechanical humans and anthropomorphic machines.

For him, it is mostly important to draw the “archetype” in a perfect, dynamic way. He mainly cares about the harmony, symmetry, “movement”, balance and the inner strength of his drawing. He never corrects, never uses an eraser or a pencil to make a blueprint. Each drawing is in his mind and he just has to “put” it on a piece of paper.

Already, Harris Kondosphyris, Professor of Fine Arts School of University of Western Macedonia, in Florina, has included him to several artistic events:


"Periapsis" Project, 1st Concept Art Exhibition in Greece- "Micro-Histories I" in Art Athina 2015 as member of "EN FLO".

"Micro-Histories II" in Museum of Asia Minor Civilization, 5th Anniversary, as member of "EN FLO"- "V for Versatility" Project, 1st Athens Con, as member of "Team of Extroversion" of School of Fine Arts Florina.