Echo Train is a psychedelic rock band formed in Athens(Greece) in June 2013 by Greggy K , Ren ,Dennis Panagiotidis and Nikolas Gale. The name "Echo Train" was inspired by the “train sounds” coming from the railway station, near an old house, where they were rehearsing their songs! Greggy says “it was like a drum loop for me as I was strumming my guitar,in several beats..” After recording a number of demos and musical ideas at “white studio” in Kypseli their favorite neighborhood, joined by many friends and musicians, they collected the material for their first Ep called “Echo Train”. The band was signed to The Sound of Everythng Records in March 2014 and in the same month they released “Fire” their first E.P single. On June 2014 they won Jumping fish of cosmote contest with the song fire. Echo Train are now recording their full length album to be released in September 2014.
Their music and their live performances are influenced by the psychedelic pop and garage music of the 60s, with moments of improvising, sharing tales, feelings and rhythm.. begining with the heartbeat.